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DLE 60cc Twin
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
DLE (-)  in stock RM  1600.00
FireBird Trainer Jet.
Good New !!!!! For those who always wanted to try your hand on Jets. The FireBird is an excellent model as a first jet. 1.7M wingspan, very forgiving character, able to glide very well, and very easy to land, kit is for any 6kg. turbine, come with very effective electric braking system. Available NOW. Many colour to choose from. Complete set up without Tx/Rx under 8K.

New Products
(2014-12-17) DLE 60cc Twin
(2014-12-08) MA CLASSIC 20 x 10
(2014-12-08) MA CLASSIC 20 x 8
(2014-12-08) MA CLASSIC 18 x 10
(2014-12-08) MA CLASSIC 18 x 8
(2014-12-08) MA CLASSIC 16 x 8
(2014-12-08) MA K SERIES 16 x 8

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DJI Phantom2 Vision+
DJI Phantom2 Vision+ complete set ready to fly with extra Battery included. Radio with smart phone holder( for live view), charger , and spare prop are all included in the whole package.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
DJI (-)  in stock RM  4450.00
DJI Phantom2 Vision+ w/3 batteries
Special for Xmas offer !!! Phantom2 Vision+ with 3pcs batteries and an extra set of props, so total 3sets of props too. New Tx come with Camera tilt dial on the top side, and the Tx come with rechargeable battery.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
DJI (-)  in stock RM  4699.00
The JR XG8 come with RG831B receiver TX battery, and charger. 2 colour available, black and chrome.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
JR PROPO (-)  in stock RM  1550.00
JR Propo XG14
JR XG14 with telemetry, supply with Life battery, charger and RG731BX.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
JR Propo (-)  in stock RM  1780.00
MA 3BLADE 12 X 6
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
MA (-)  in stock RM  40.00
MA 3BLADE 15 x 7
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
MA (-)  In stock RM  50.00
MA 3BLADE 13 x 8
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
MA (-)  in stock RM  45.00
MA 3BLADE 10 X 7
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
MA (-)  in stock RM  36.00
Kyosho F4U EP/GP 90
Beautifully finished, equipped with scale air retract with oleo strut, dummy radial engine, and all necessary hardware.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Kyosho (-)  in stock RM  1350.00
Powerzone FPV 2600 PNP
Kit come with brushless motor, 60A esc, and servos, for 3S setup from 3000- 6000Mah. Wingspan: 2600mm.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Powerzone (-)  out of stock RM  630.00
Dynamic 1500 PNP
Complete with motor, servos and esc. 1500mm wingspan.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Powerzone (-)  in stock RM  270.00
Powerzone Skysurfer 2000
EPO, Skysurfer 2000mm with motor, servo and esc. Perfect for all those beginners and for those wanted a stable plane for FPV. The plane also flap ready.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Powerzone (-)  in stock RM  399.00
Powerzone Cessna 182
Made of epo with motor, servo and esc, wingspan:1410mm and length:1100mm. Flap servo included. scale cockpit with operational door, 3 bladed prop, spinner and scale landing gear.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Powerzone (-)  in stock RM  399.00
Seagull Piper Cherokee
Wingspan: 59.8in, length:46.4in. Engine: 46-55 2C.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Seagull (-)  in stock RM  550.00
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