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Cotswold Tracer-Vitesse 20 (AE-AE0434)
Pylon racer kit, 20-size, 37-inch wingspan.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Cotswold (-)  in stock
RM  : 450.00
Thunder Tiger P-47D Thunderbolt (AE-AE0432)
Brushless Motor OBL 2928/09 included
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Thunder Tiger (-)  in stock
RM  : 300.00
Thunder Tiger DGA WWII Fighter (AE-AE0431)
FW-190, Brushless Motor OBL 29/09-07A included
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Thunder Tiger (-)  in stock
RM  : 300.00
Macchi M39 (AE-AE0430)
EP/GP50 < Required for operation (Not included) > RC System / 4-channel, 4-servo 1-ESC (EP), 4-channel, 5-servo (GP) 800-1000W class Outrunner type brushless motor. Recommended: No.ORI66801 Team Orion Avionics Flight Pack 50 for airplanes 4-cycle 56-70 / 2-cycle 46-55 engine (GP) 14.8V-5,000mAh Li-po(Recommended: No.ORI60079 TEAM ORION AVIONICS LIPO 5000 14.8V (35C) 70A (minimum) ESC for brushless motor 75mm Spinner (EP・GP) Charger for Li-Po, balancer (EP) Fuel and starting tools (GP) D13 x P6 - D14 x P8 propeller(GP), D14 x P6 - D14 x P8 propeller(EP) Connector for Li-Po battery (EP) 200mm Y extension cord for aileron servo x 1 (EP・GP) 200mm extension cords for servos x 2 (EP), x 2 (GP) Batteries specified for the transmitter (EP, GP) and battery for receiver (GP)
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Kyosho (-)  in stock
RM  : 1800.00
Flitework P-38 Lightning (AE-AE0421)
PNP Included are: 7-servos pre-installed, servoless landing gear system, twin 20Amp Brushless Speed Controllers, Twin brushless motors Requires: 6-channel RC, 11.1v 2200 - 2500mAh Lipo batt., charger
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Flitework (-)  in stock
RM  : 600.00
Seagull Skyraider 10-15cc (AE-AE0417)
Wingspan: 63in -1.6m Length: 47in-1.21m. suitable for .61-91 engine, or 10-15cc gasoline.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Seagull (-)  in stock
RM  : 710.00
Blohm und Voss Bv141B (AE-AE0315)
30cc German warbird, with 2057mm wingspan, and 1620mm in length.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Misc (-)  in stock
RM  : 750.00
Sport Jet 70 (AE-AE0304)
PNP with 70mm ducted fan, motor, servo and esc.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
misc (-)  in stock
RM  : 650.00
Fan Trainer (AE-AE0263)
Wingspan: 51 in., Length: 69 in., Weight: 3000g., 90mm EDF ( Option) Fibreglass fuse.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Triones Model (-)  In stock
RM  : 320.00
Cierva-09 (AE-AE0177)
The Ceirva-09 is a Autogyro which fly like a plane and land like a heli, scale look, with dummy radial engine, need 3 micro servo, a small brushless motor and 25A esc and any 3cell lipo will fly this baby.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Autogyro (-)  in stock
RM  : 320.00
Kyosho Phantom 70 (AE-AE0172)
Main components are pre-assembled. Complete with basic color scheme. Balsa main and tail wings are pre-covered in film. Includes latest sponsor decals. Unique 12% symmetrical wing type produces both high speeds and stability from large angles of attack. Requires: 4-channel, 5-servo (2 mini servos for ailerons) R/C system, 4C52-70, 2C46-50 Engine, D11 x P6 - D13 x P6 Propeller, 62mm Spinner
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Kyosho (-)  in stock
RM  : 850.00
Hawk 2000 (AE-AE0146)
Thunder Tiger Hawk 2000 Pro is a full composite glider come complete with brushless motor and ESC.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Thunder Tiger (-)  in stock
RM  : 1700.00
Richmodel Lighting dart (AE-AE0128)
Richmodel Lighting Dart 40 flying wing with landing gear. 70in. wingspan.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Richmodel (-)  in stock
RM  : 270.00
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