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Boscam Galaxy D2
Screen: 7 TFT LCD screen, LED backlight Resolution: 800x480 Brightness: 400 cd/m Contrast: 500:1 View Angle: 140/120 degree (Horizontal/Vertical) Antenna Connector: RP-SMA Channel: 5.8G Input; 2 Brands/ 32 Frequency selectable Size: 176x112x24mm (Height of light shield:102mm) Battery: Built-in 4000mA Li-Po battery DC: 12V/1A Power Consumption: 600mA@12V(maximum)
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Boscam (-)  in stock RM  700.00
Jet Kit & Turbines - Pre Order
We are dealer for: 1. Skymasterjet (http://www.skymasterjet.com) 2. FeiBao Jets (http://www.fbjets.com) 3. CARF Models (http://carf-models.com/en) 4. JetCat Turbines (http://www.jetcatusa.com) 5. KingTech Turbines (http://www.kingtechturbines.com/store)

New Products
(2015-11-19) Boscam Galaxy D2
(2015-11-19) Seagull MXS-R 91-120
(2015-11-18) Seagull Nemesis EP
(2015-11-18) Seagull PC-9 EP
(2015-11-14) NX3421 XBus Pro Mini MG WV Smart Servo
(2015-10-31) DJI Osmo
(2015-10-23) DJI Inspire 1 w/ dual RC

Jet Kit - Pre Order
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Skymasterjets Bae Hawk
For 12 to 14 kg thrust turbine, complete with scale landing gear, wheel brake, air brake, gear door are all factory installed, supply with fuel tank, tail pipe, detail cockpit, all hardware.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Skymasterjets (-)  pre-order RM  9900.00
Macchi M39
EP/GP50 < Required for operation (Not included) > RC System / 4-channel, 4-servo 1-ESC (EP), 4-channel, 5-servo (GP) 800-1000W class Outrunner type brushless motor. Recommended: No.ORI66801 Team Orion Avionics Flight Pack 50 for airplanes 4-cycle 56-70 / 2-cycle 46-55 engine (GP) 14.8V-5,000mAh Li-po(Recommended: No.ORI60079 TEAM ORION AVIONICS LIPO 5000 14.8V (35C) 70A (minimum) ESC for brushless motor 75mm Spinner (EP・GP) Charger for Li-Po, balancer (EP) Fuel and starting tools (GP) D13 x P6 - D14 x P8 propeller(GP), D14 x P6 - D14 x P8 propeller(EP) Connector for Li-Po battery (EP) 200mm Y extension cord for aileron servo x 1 (EP・GP) 200mm extension cords for servos x 2 (EP), x 2 (GP) Batteries specified for the transmitter (EP, GP) and battery for receiver (GP)
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Kyosho (-)  in stock RM  2200.00
Tamiya Toyota FJ Cruiser
The highly popular Toyota FJ Cruiser that is available on the Tamiya CC-01 (Cross Country) platform has found its way onto the CR-01 platform, for a limited time only. The tough CR-01 chassis has a ladder frame featuring aluminum side channels, and resin cross members, as well as a 4-link rigid suspension with oil dampers actuated via aluminum push rods. This set-up gives the suspension stroke needed to handle rugged, rocky surfaces. The motor is placed in a central position, with planetary gears enabling low-speed shaft-driven 4WD. 125mm-diameter tires are fitted to bead lock wheels, and make an impressive combination with the lightweight and durable polycarbonate body.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Tamiya (84411)  in stock RM  1399.00
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
OS (-)  in stock RM  450.00
CompARF Ultra Flash
CARF Ultra Flash, with landing gear, all hardware, thrust tube, fuel tank and wing tank. Complete package.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
CompARF (-)  pre-order RM  12800.00
Zeta Sky Observer FPV
Wingspan:2000mm, Length:1420mm. Big equipment compartment, carbon fibre tail, 4250-950KV motor, 60A ESC,all are included in the kit, Runs on 4S Lipo.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Zeta (-)  in stock RM  1350.00
Seagull PT-19 Fairchild 30cc.
Wingspan:79.5in -2.02m, Length: 58.6in -1.48m. suitable for 30cc gasoline engine.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Seagull (-)  in stock RM  1329.00
Seagull Nemisis 30cc
Wingspan: 80.5in -2.04m, Length: 64.3in -1.63m. For 30cc gasoline engine.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Seagull (-)  in stock RM  1299.00
Unique Model F4U
Wingspan:1200mm, Length: 970mm. PNP, Motor, servos, ESC are all factory installed. Scale struts and electric retracts included and factory installed.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Unique Model (-)  in stock RM  599.00
Seagull Skyraider 10-15cc
Wingspan: 63in -1.6m Length: 47in-1.21m. suitable for .61-91 engine, or 10-15cc gasoline.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Seagull (-)  in stock RM  799.00
Texan II T6A- 30cc
Wingspan: 78in., Engine:30-35cc gasoline. Complete hardware, air retract with scale struts included.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Flight Model (-)  in stock RM  1990.00
DJI Phantom 3 Professional
More info on: http://www.dji.com/product/phantom-3/spec
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
DJI (-)  in stock RM  6000.00
Seagull AT-6 Texan
Wingspan:62.9in., Length:43.6in., engine: 46-55 2C, 72-82 4C. Retract landing gear included.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Seagull (-)  in stock RM  800.00
Flitework P-38 Lightning
PNP Included are: 7-servos pre-installed, servoless landing gear system, twin 20Amp Brushless Speed Controllers, Twin brushless motors Requires: 6-channel RC, 11.1v 2200 - 2500mAh Lipo batt., charger
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
Flitework (-)  in stock RM  980.00
2.1m wing-span. Suitable for turbine with 8 to 12 kg thrust. Complete with hardware.
Manufacturer (Code) Stock Price
- (-)  in stock RM  7800.00
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